Window Tinting


  • Saves the interior of your vehicle investment
  • Because film rejects a significant amount of solar energy, visible light heat, Infrared and UV rays the plastic trim pieces and leather or cloth seats are less likely to crack and fade.
  • The vehicle will retain its value better and keep looking newer for longer REDUCED.


  • Reduces eye strain and fatigue due to oncoming headlights and glare from sun
  • Up to 70% Glare reduction depending on selected film
  • Reduces the strain from vehicle headlights in your mirrors as well


  • Window Tinting Film reduces heat and solar energy
  • 99% uva and uvb rays
  • Up to 60% solar heat and up to 92% Infrared Heat rejection depending on which type of film you choose
  • Extends the life of your A/C System by keeping the cool air inside the vehicle


  • Film keeps the hundreds of sharp pieces of tempered glass together in case of an accident or blow out
  • Film can also provide extra privacy or added safety *Installing window film on your vehicle not only enhances the look, but also protects the interior and the driver.

*Our certified installers will give you a professional, clean installation every time.

*All of our film products are backed by a Lifetime warranty, the best in the industry!